A Song On Sunday (10) - Jason Mraz Edition

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Wooh! It's Sunday so it's time for A Song On Sunday a weekly meme here at Confessions Of A Bookaholic. Want to take part? Easy! Just follow these steps:
1. Pick a song you love
2. Match it with a book you've read
3. Grab my button
4. Link back to me
5. Leave me a link so I can see your post

(Warning may contain spoilers for Delirium and My Name Is Memory.)

I'm sure your wondering what's up with my post title, well I found two songs that fit two books today and I just couldn't decide between them. Me being the impractical person I am didn't want to leave one till next week so you get ASOS double.

Song one: I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. I think this fits Delirium by Lauren Oliver really well because of the theme 'Love is a disease' and the song really sounds like Alex trying to convince Lena that it's not a bad thing. Read my review here.

Song two: Also by Jason Mraz (I Wont Give Up) but this one I think fits My Name Is Memory. It talks about souls and everlasting love which is really what this book is all about. Read my review here.

So do you think these songs fit? Have you got better ones? Tell me about your SOS - That is Song On Sunday not save our souls just to avoid confusion! :)
Email me at: confessionsofabookaholic@LIVE.CO.UK

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Mel said...

I haven't read either book, but the links to the songs sound good. Here's my



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