Over my many years as a book blogger I have been asked many questions about my work so here I will strive to answer the ones I can remember. If you have a question, which I hope you do because I love to help, post it in the comments or ask in the comment from on my sidebar. I will answer all questions here so look out for the answers!

Q. How much do you get paid for your work?
A. I get asked this a lot whether out of curiosity or by worried authors who are afraid they can't afford me however the answer is simple: I don't get paid a penny. I don't charge authors for reviews or spotlights nor do I have advertisements on my blog therefore I make no money out of it. I don't mind at all though - blogging is a hobby, a relaxing thing to do in my stressful life. That is rewarding enough for me.

Q. Will you review a book if you have to pay for it?
A. This is another one I get a lot. Sometimes I will get a review request that requires me purchasing the book and in very unusual circumstances I might if it looks amazing however normally I won't. This is not because I don't want to support these authors, I'm sure you can tell I do by all the events I run for them. The simple fact is, I don't get paid for my work and as a student I am well and truly poor. If I have to make a decision between buying myself a book that's been on my TBR list forever or buying a book so that I can review it for an author, I'm afraid it will always be the former.When bloggers review your books that is their way of supporting you - don't make them have to empty their purse(/wallet) to do it.

Q. Can I email you?
A. Of course you can email me! I don't care who you are (unless you're a crazy stalker of course), I'm always around to help, or even just chat. I love making new author/blogger/reader connections so never hesitate to get in touch. I don't bite, I promise!

Q. Can I take part in your Sunday Spotlight event?
A. Absolutely!! Find out how to apply here.

Q. Can I be in your Blogger Directory?
A. Sure! Check out the requirements here

Q. It's been ages! Why haven't I heard from you?
A. I don't know, sorry!! Try resending the email or just sending a friendly note to ask why I haven't got back to you. I can be slow but I always get there eventually!

Q. Where did you get your blog design?
I got this design and almost every one I have used here, it's a great site but don't go getting the same one as me. I'm warning you!!

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