Top Ten Tuesday #2

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hello everyone, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. This weeks theme is top ten books I'd give a theme tune to though in my case I pick may pick multiple.

1) The Hunger Games- I can think of a few songs that would go with THG. One being Broken Arrow by Pixie Lott (Watch video here) for the obvious reference to arrows and also the lyrics remind me of Katniss and Peeta's relationship. Safe and Sound By Taylor Swift which is actually going to be in the film, perhaps as Rue's lullaby (watch here). And finally Save A Life By The Fray, this song always makes me want to cry it's so sad but it really reminds me of Katniss's struggle to keep Peeta alive and then all of the deaths which she could not stop. (Watch here).

2) Clockwork Prince- This was a hard one as it's set in Victorian times but I think Centimeters Of London by Coldplay is quite a good one. It's about London and these lyrics stood out to me: "For the curses to be broken. We go underneath the arches where the witches are." Mentions of curses and Witches (aka Warlocks) sound familiar to you? (Watch here)

3) Shatter Me- I thought the song Stranger by Secondhand Serenade was perfect for this book. It completely sums up Julliette and Adams relationship, comparing Julliette to an angel but also saying he was terrified to meet her. Who wouldn't be? She can kill you with one touch! (watch here)

4 and 5) VA/Bloodlines- It's hard to pick songs for this actual book but I can easily pick them for Adrian so that's what I'll do. The Lazy Song By Bruno Mars at the start of the series because... well it's so him (watch here) . Breakeven By The Script I think would be perfect for him when he's totally heartbroken over Rose. (Watch here) and also Grenade by Bruno Mars (watch here). Also I'm going to predict the future and say in one of the next few books when he gets over Rose Gives You Hell by All American Rejects (watch here).

Well I can't think of another 5 songs but to be fair I did put 10 songs. What songs do you think are perfect for your favorite book? Tell me!
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6 People dared to comment.:

nea barabea said...

hahaha :D :D The lazy song for Adrian WINS :D Hilarious! Awesome list!! ;) :)

Lisa said...

I picked Breakeven for the same reason! Too Funny!

Michael Cargill said...

Is it bad that I don't actually know any of those songs? I feel so uncultured.

Emily said...

Thanks and the Lazy Song is just perfect for him!

Emily said...

Breakeven is a great song!

Emily said...

It's not bad but they are all worth listening to

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