Author Interview: M.C.V. Egan

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Hello everyone, I know you all love author interviews so look what we have here an author interview. So while you all applaud at the amazingness of it I will be quiet and let you read it.

Tell me about yourself
I am a writer; author of THE BRIDGE OF DEATHS. I was born in Mexico City, Mexico and at the age of twelve moved to the Washington D.C. area.  I attended The Catholic University in Lyons, France for two years and resided in Sweden for five years. I am fluent in Spanish, English, French and Swedish. I am, as most writers an avid reader, which is hard to put aside while I am working on a book. The tempting pile of other’s books staking up for when I have the freedom to read for fun! My husband, son and I live in sunny South Florida. I have numerous hobbies, including Astrology, cooking, Origami and crafts.

What inspired you to begin writing?

I love to communicate. I am a natural story teller; my stories are always full of detail and purpose. From a very early age I began to write long letters, I always knew I was a writer; it was simply a matter of finding the discipline. The Bridge of Deaths is based on the questionable and mysterious events surrounding my grandfather’s death and that was a story that invaded my thoughts from a very young age.

Tell me about your book.

The Bridge of Deaths is a genre cross-over. This happened very much by chance, as I used archives to research historical events as well as psychics, past life regressions and a Peruvian Shaman. To tell the story I created fictional characters and gave them a love story. By doing this I ended up with a historical, paranormal, mystery, romance. The story is narrated from the perspective of Modern day characters investigating an airplane crash in 1939 Denmark, two weeks before Hitler invaded Poland setting of the fuse that ignited World War two. The world was well aware this was likely to happen, if not inevitable and most people were not who they seemed to be. The reader plunges into the possibility of past lives, and realises that the intrigues of the 1930s have left huge long-lasting footprints in our world, some that we are still contending with.

Who is your favourite character in your book?

My favourite character is Maggie.  She is a free spirited, fun-loving pacifist. I really enjoyed creating Maggie and I still miss her. Who knows I may have to incorporate her to some future book!

What is your favourite genre?

I really enjoy a very wide variety of books and do not limit myself to a specific genre. I tend to find an author I like and read all their work. I noticed however that most of the authors I prefer are men!

Who is your favourite author?

So very many to choose from, I have answered several author interviews lately and I honestly felt it was W. Somerset Maugham and he is right up there amongst my favourites. A few days ago it struck me that I feel like re-reading some of my favourite Kurt Vonnegut’s books. There are simply too many wonderful writers out there, to choose just one!

Who is your most inspirational person?

I am truly inspired by so many people, some that I encounter in my daily life, and others that I see on TV or the cinema like everyone else.  If I have to choose a famous inspiration it would be Angelina Jolie for all she has done for UNICEF, her latest movie (which she directed), bringing attention to horrors of a war, as well as her choice to give birth in Africa and to reside in New Orleans after hurricane KatrinaI find her a brave and versatile human being, most inspiring.

What is your favourite quote?

Now that is finally an easy question!
“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”   Carl Sagan (1934-1996)

Are you in the process/planning of writing another book?

Yes I am.  I am currently working on a book that is far more paranormal than historical with a co-author, Jolie DeMarco.  It is has a really interesting premise and it is quite fun to have two distinct voices in the same book.

What tips would you give young aspiring writers?

Believe in yourself! It may not come out right on the first or second draft, but keep at it.  If you have the spark of an idea and you can visualise it in your mind, you will find the right voice for the story. Do not give up!

So what did you think? Look forward to a review of her book very soon. If your an author and you want your book reviewed, have an author interview or even to do a guest post feel free to contact me (you dont have to be an author to do a guest review). Oh and I almost forgot. Happy Valentines Day!
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Catalina Egan said...

Happy Valentine's day Emily. Thanks for the invite to your Blog.
M.C.V. Egan

Darrell Moneyhon said...

I enjoyed reading Catalina's interview by Emily, the "bookaholic." Good interview. Catalina (M.C.V.) answered some pretty thought-provoking questions quite well.
Of course, my main enjoyment was in reading Catalina's book, The Bridge of Deaths. It taught me about the power of both visible and invisible connections between human beings. It resonated well with Allsville's "spiritual principle of interconnectedness" (one of five spiritual principles described in my own book).

Darrell Moneyhon, author of Allsivlle Emerging: Creating and Experiencing a New Culture Together

rosie houghton said...

I enjoyed this interview too. Would be interested in reviewing The Bridge of Deaths and vice versa on my book Abandoned Love if interested. I agree that 99% of life is about self belief and confidence with a little bit of timing/luck in the equation!

Rosie Houghton author of Abandoned Love published by Troubador Publishing

x) Ruty said...

OMG! I received the book by the author a couple days ago! I probably read it soon!
Great interview
Great blog!

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