Alibi's Ghosts By L.S. Hullinger

Monday, 6 February 2012

Hello everyone, I was sent this book by the author to review a while ago and again I apologise for the delay in this review but as I said before I've been very busy. Alibi's Ghosts follows Ali aka Alibi, her mother is a medium so she encounters ghosts on a daily basis. Ali has the ability to be controlled by the ghosts which gives her clues on how to solve the mystery's they all have. She has a little help from her  deceased Grandfather and cousin though.
Here's the synopsis:

"Alexandra ‘Alibi’ Vernon is the eleven-year-old daughter of a psychic medium whose behavior is repeatedly influenced by kids from the Other Side. From building sub sandwiches in her sleep to sneaking into a stranger's attic, Alibi has her innocence challenged on a regular basis. Since her mother is fairly new at medium work, she only schedules two readings a week. However, this particular week, she accidentally schedules five readings, five days in a row. During this time, each child from the Other Side has a mysterious clue for Alibi to unravel, and she begins to notice each clue is connected in some way with the other readings. With a bit of ghostly charade playing, lots of trouble dodging, and the help of her deceased relatives: Grandpa Edgar and Cousin Kyle, along with her living but scaredy-cat best friend, Daisy, Alibi is able to solve the mystery and help all five grieving parents simultaneously."

I found this story quite interesting though honestly it was a little young for me. I found the characters likable and the story simple to follow. If you are not a fan of horror books do not be deceived, the ghosts in this book are more friendly than sinister so it would be great for many ages. It is also quite fun to work out the mysteries along with Alibi. I would give this book 4/5 stars for me but probably 5/5 for someone younger. I would recommend this book to people primary school age to early high school age. I enjoyed this book and recommend you read it.
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