TGIF Look Back (1)

Friday, 13 April 2012

TGIF is hosted over at Mel Cusick-Jones blog and it looked cool so I thought why not I will do one.
To take part just answer the following.

FUNNY – What made you laugh this week?
READING – What were you reading this week?
INSPIRED – What inspired you this week? 
DONE – What were you mainly doing this week?
ANGEL – Who was your angel/star of the week?
YUCK – What made you go ‘ewwww’ this week?

FUNNY - Many things made me laugh this week but in particular some Hunger Games themed pictures. I'm not that sad they're funny! If you've read the books you will get the picture. Want more pictures feel free to ask I was laughing for ages.

READING - This week I've read quite a lot. 5 books to be exact, I could list them but I'm not going to so look for my reviews instead :) I'm currently reading Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning but I have another 7 books on my bookshelf so I shouldn't run out any time soon.

INSPIRED - I'm not sure I have been particularly inspired this week, I do need inspiration though because I've had no idea's for my writing. Hopefully inspiration will come next week.

DONE - I've been reading and writing loads but I haven't actually got any work done. Not so good.

ANGEL - My angel/s this week would have to be my lovely followers who have followed me and entered my giveaway and of course Michael Cargill the author who supplied the giveaway book. Three cheers!

I'm not sure if I had an 'ewwww' moment this week except maybe some of the book covers 
I've come across. Come on I can't be the only one freaked out by that cover!

So what's your TGIF Look Back?

Email me at: confessionsofabookaholic@LIVE.CO.UK

2 People dared to comment.:

Michael Cargill said...

Yay, you are my angel as well Ems!

I still haven't read The Hunger Games but that picture is quite amusing actually.

Anonymous said...

Great TGIF :) I liked the Hunger Games pictures - Gale Face alert! And being freaked out by covers - I agree I got a book this week that the cover freaked me out, but as it's an ebook and I don't have to touch it I think I'll be OK

And hip, hip hooray for Michael and the giveaway!

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