A Song On Sunday (5)

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Welcome to 'A Song On Sunday', an original meme here at Confessions Of A Bookaholic.

To take part all you have to do is:

1. Pick a song you love
2. Match it with a book you've read
3. Grab my button
4. Link back to me
5. Leave me a link so I can see your post
Simple as that!
So mine?

I picked more of a character than a book today, Vampire Academy's very own Adrian Ivashkov! (contains spoilers for Vampire Academy) I love him if you hadn't noticed. His personality changes so much during the books I had to pick two songs for him. Song one is before he met Rose, he was a carefree, arrogant, party boy in the nicest possible way.
Cue The Lazy Song:

Song two (yes another Bruno Mars song) is more like his relationship with Rose, he'd do anything for her and she wouldn't for him. Rose is then evil enough to cheat on him like in the video. Fortunately Adrian didn't throw himself in front of a train.

So whats your song this week? Oh and HAPPY EASTER!
Email me at: confessionsofabookaholic@LIVE.CO.UK

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Michael Cargill said...

I saw a poster of Bruno Mars a while back.

He sort of looked like a 1940s gangster and I have been distrustful of him ever since.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry - that was my link - meant to say I've done my first Sunday Song :)

Like your book connection

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