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EDIT: As a new rule, if you are going to request a book from me I want you to include an excerpt from the book so that I can get a feel for it before I decide. If you don't include one then I will request one if the book interests me.

I am NOT currently accepting books for review

This blog normally is accepting reviews but it will always say at the top of this page whether I am or not. If I am authors must follow this policy carefully as I regularly get review requests when I am not accepting and often not in my specified genre.

Genres I accept are:
- Young Adult
- Dystopia
- Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
- Contemporary Fiction
- Historical Romance

Genres I do NOT accept:
- Erotica 
- Non-Fiction
- Religious Literature 
- Chick-Lit
- Graphic Novels/Manga

however exceptions to this may be made if the books interest me!

I don't mind books with erotic elements, I just don't like that to be the main plot.

I'm always happy to help authors with author interviews, blog tours, giveaways etc. but if I'm very busy I may have to decline them.

What do I include in my reviews? 
Before requesting a review you should check out some of my existing reviews to get a feel for my style. In my reviews I normally include:
- The book cover
- Book info - release date, genre etc.
- First sentence 
- Quotes
- The synopsis 
- Starred cover and overall rating
- My review (of course)
- Author info can be included if wanted 

Formats I accept: 
I normally only accept hard copies for review as I do not own an e-reader so it's difficult for me to read e-copies. If the book is especially good or part of a series I have started I may accept e-copies. Please remember before you offer me a hardback - I am a British blogger so  please don't complain that my address is expensive to send to and you thought I was from the US because it's both here in bold and in my profile.

How long does it take me to review a book?
It really depends; it can be anywhere between a couple of days and a couple of months when I'm really busy. If you need a quick review please specify otherwise I may put it to the bottom of my list.

Where are my reviews posted?
I post my reviews on my blog and Goodreads. If you want the review posting elsewhere e.g. Amazon feel free to ask me.

"Can you not post a review of my book if its below a certain amount of stars?"
I have had quite a few questions like the one above but my answer is always the same; I post ALL of my reviews and the comments and opinions are my own. If I do not like your book I will write a negative review - it's not me making trouble and bad publicity for you, I just believe my readers come to me for honesty and not posting a lowly rated review is abusing that. If you are that serious about not getting negative reviews I suggest you do not make review requests as most bloggers have a similar attitude to me.

Contact Info:
Please  send requests to with 'COAB' in the subject line - this will tell me you've read my policy and I may be more inclined to accept your book. You can also follow me on Twitter and Goodreads but I do NOT want requests on there.

If you do not get a reply within 3 weeks then I apologize and won't mind if you request again :)

2 People dared to comment.:

YILee said...

I'll keep checking, and when you're accepting books for review, I'd like to send you a copy of my fantasy Through a Glass.
All the Best

Catherine McCaughey-Byrne said...

I am a novice blogger. Although I started a few years ago, I seldom find the time, however I always admire people who do.
I have emailed you with my request.
All the best.

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