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Friday, 13 April 2012

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This Weeks Question:
What is one book that you would be nervous to see a movie adaption of because you think the movie could never live up to the book?

Well originally I would have said The Hunger Games but that's been done and they did a pretty good job of it. I think I would say Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. Just because it's set a long time ago and I think film makers could go overboard and have Downton Abbey only with Demons, Vampires, Shadow Hunters and of course Magnus Bane. I don't think they would get Will right either, he'd be like a young Mr Darcy instead of a of the arrogant pretty boy we all know and love. Jem I think would be easier to do as would Tessa. I've said it before I will say it again, Magnus Bane is awesome so they would HAVE to get him right!

So what would your answer be? Tell me about it, I like to know these things!
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-Ria xo said...

Clockwork Angel is on my TBR list and I'm excited to read it now! I heard Classandra's other series is being made into a movie, so maybe Clockwork Angel will be next...

Jennifer @ Bad Bird Reads said...

I still need to read Clockwork Angel but I heard it's great. Happy follow Friday. New follower. Thanks for stopping by.

mariska said...

I totally agree with your choice of Clockwork Angel. It's could ruin the whole story if it is going on the big screen.

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Lauren B said...

I haven't read these series so the adaptation would probably be my only encounter with the story and it wouldn't bother me. I agree with you about the Hunger Games movie - it was pretty good.

Thanks for stopping by.

Jenny said...

Hi! I'm following you back and hopping by!

Lovely answer! Now I wish I've watched The Hunger Games already! Everyone seems to be talking about how nicely it was done. :) And I agree, they have to get Magnum right!

Pocketful of Books said...

I've been seeing a lot of Mortal Instruments books on these posts today- I haven't read them but from what I know I agree that they wouldn't make great films!

New follower :-)

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T said...

I think you're right about Clockwork Angel, it could be one of those books that just doesn't translate well. Like you've said, it's one of those things where Will needs to be perfect, as well as the chemistry between Will and Tessa.

Happy Friday!

Tara @ Hey, Tara

Anonymous said...

Still haven't read Clockwork Angel and Hunger Games would have been a choice but as you said - they already did it and did it well. Thanks for dropping by the blog. New follower here. :)

Felicia said...
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Felicia said...

Thanks for stopping by and following. Am following you through Twitter since for some reason I couldn't follow you through GFC.

Livin' Life Through Books

Cassie S. said...

We will definitely have to see what they do with Magnus Bane since they are making City of Bones and the rest into a movie. I can only imagine who they are going to cast as him. Or have they already????

Thanks for stopping by earlier. Giving some of the love back. =D

Unknown said...

Oh, I yet have to read Clockwork Angel *embarassing*. I have it on my TBR pile since it's release but there never seems to be time for it. "/ But yes yes yes Magnus Bane -- I'm a big fan of Alec/Magnus relationship, and Magnus is such a fun character, I would hate to see him ruined.

Thank your for stopping by my FF, your new follower.
Aleksandra at Divine Secrets of a Little Bookworm

Patricia said...

Can't see Clockwork Angel as a movie either. Just.. in my mind it doesn't work.

Patricia // My FF

Unknown said...

Hi there :) just hopping through. I’m a new follower…
Thanks for the follow!
Here is my choice...

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Megan said...

Hi there! Just stopping by for the FF! I'm a new follower :)

Here is my FF post: The Girly Bookworm


Anonymous said...

I've never read Clockwork Angel but I can definitely identify with being nervous someone will ruin your vision of what you've read. I hope, if they do give you a CA movie, it rocks!

Also, happy FF! Just sneaking through to say hey. I'm a new follower! I hope you'll stop by & visit me too.

Jenny @ Into the Morning Reads

Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. I still need to read the TID series. I love TMI. I hope all of Cassie's books are made into good movies.
My Hop

Imo said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the follow, now following you back!

Anonymous said...

I've also heard The Hunger Games is very true to the book -- I really hope so!

Thanks for stopping by :)

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