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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hello everyone, have you read a really great book lately? Well if it is Young Adult, Paranormal Romance or Dystopia of genre then you can send me a review to be included in my blog. If there are any other genres that you would like to review then if you e-mail me I will make sure  its ok.
Also if you are a devoted reviewer then you could have a regular section. I would really appriciate anyone who would like to do this, as I would like to add a little variety to my blog. So please send me your reviews and inform me whether you want a regular section. It can be once every two months, once a  month, a fortnight or even a week, but it had to be consistant.
Rules for guest reviews are simple:
1) inform me if you want me to use your name or if you want to remain anonymous. If you want me to include your name in the email tell me your preferred name.
2) at the end of your review include your rating out of 5
3) include a synopsis of the book your reviewing so everyone knows what it's about. Use the official one and put it in "speech marks"
4) only review ya, pnr or dystopia. If there is another genre you REALLY want to do I may make an accept ion. But no classics sorry. I might accept horror.
5) you can send me as many reviews as you want and I promise I will upload them all but maybe not all at once
6) I will not be able to publish reviews of books that have been reviewed already.
7) please follow my blog :)
Thank you for reading.

Email me your reviews at: confessionsofabookaholic@LIVE.CO.UK

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