A Song On Sunday (6)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Welcome to 'A Song On Sunday', an original meme here at Confessions Of A Bookaholic.
To take part all you have to do is:
1. Pick a song you love
2. Match it with a book you've read
3. Grab my button
4. Link back to me
5. Leave me a link so I can see your post
Simple as that!

Like last time I've picked a character again, I just love breaking my own rules. Today I have chosen Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices. He is my absolute favorite character of all time (at the moment) though Adrian and Jace are not far behind. Will is a tortured soul and when you read the books the reasons behind his actions becomes clear. It's impossible not to love him once you know why he does the things he does. This song I think fits him because he just wants to be loved but he can't - for reasons that will become clear - so he pushes people away apart from his best and parabatai Jem also the reason behind that will become known. Has that made you want to read them? I hope so because they are AMAZING books from Cassie Clare an AMAZING writer. So here's the song:

What do you think? Does it fit him? What is your song this week?
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3 People dared to comment.:

Michael Cargill said...

I haven't got a clue about the characters but the song is quite good.

Unknown said...

OMG ... I love this song... I'm going to download it after I leave this comment. But back to the book ... I have only read 'Clockwork Angel' so far and I'm more of a Jem fan than a Will Fan at the moment, but I can picture this song perfectly for Will. So great pick Emily, I'm going to do this meme next sunday and I'm also haypy to say that I'm a new GFC follower :) Natasha @ Paranormal Goddess Book Blog

Emily said...

Thanks so much and I was Team Jem for the first book but the second one I changed teams :)
I look forward to reading your post

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