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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hello everyone, I won another award! I love awards!!! Thank you SO much to Miri from I Solemly Swear I'm Up To A Book , you should definitely check it out! The Liebster Blog award is given to those bloggers who have less that 200 followers. It is given to them so people from all over the blogosphere to find your blog. The Liebster Blog award in English is actually the favorite blog award according to Miri and that makes sense since Liebe means favorite (see I'm multi-lingual  or should I say mehrsprachig?). Anyways here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them. DONE!
2. Nominate up to five (5) others for the award. BELOW!
3. Let them know via comment on their blog. You can even send them a tweet! IN PROCESS
4. Post the award on you blog. TA-DAH
I'm Nominating:
1.  Mango @ Flying on a different plane
2.  Jennifer @ Bookgirl
3. Stephii @ Bookfever

The reason I've only picked three is somethings up with my laptop so I can't see how many followers other people have. Weird I know, I have to go on my dashboard to see my own (which is 90 by the way!). So for my final 3 if you want the award and you have less than 200 followers let me know and I will add you. Use the contact form I just added to my contact page!

7 People dared to comment.:

Jennifer said...

You are so nice and thanks for the nomination!

Catherine Stine said...

Congrats on your award!

AmberMarie said...

Congrats :)

Emily said...

Your welcome love your blog

Emily said...


Emily said...

Thnak you!

Mango said...

:) viele danke!!! und congrats *claps* u deserve it ! :)

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