Guest Review By Amber: Falling For Hamlet By Michelle Ray

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Hello everyone, we have an awesome guest review from Amber, I haven't read this book before -or even heard of it- but it seems quite good. Sadly I was mentally scarred in primary school when we had to watch a cartoon version of Hamlet (it involved lots of blood and naked cherubs. I was only in year 5!) So I doubt I would enjoy this book without bringing the painful memory's back :D Anyway here's her review:


Falling For Hamlet is a modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It follows the same story line, except Hamlet, Ophelia, and Horatio attend school, go on vacations and party. Hamlet and Ophelia are more or less celebrities in the kingdom, and nothing goes unseen. After finding out his father has died, Hamlet starts going crazy. His mother re-marries and it’s to his uncle, who becomes king. His behavior starts affecting Ophelia, who suffers her own loss. Things continue to get worse for both of them. How far will Hamlet go, and how much will Ophelia be able to handle?

My thoughts:
Falling For Hamlet is a pretty good book. Not having read the original, I can’t really compare the two. But, I like the idea of a modernized version of Shakespeare. The story is told through Ophelia’s view, and through an interrogation and TV interview, which is interesting. It’s quick moving, but still detailed. And I found it to be a page turner. As for the characters, I liked them. Seeing characters brought into the 21st century, I think is cool. I’d recommend checking it out.

So what did you think? Are you going to check it out? Tell me what you thought of this book!
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Theta Sigma said...

Sounds like an interesting idea.

I went to see the RSC production of Hamlet starring David Tennant and whilst I found some of the grammar difficult to get my head around, Tennant's performance helped me to understand it.

There may be a clamour from the purists saying that projects like this shouldn't be done, it's a great way to introduce a new readership to the original source material.

AmberMarie said...

Thanks for letting me share a review!

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