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Friday, 27 January 2012

Hello everyone, this is my first author interview. How exciting! Anyway L.S. Hullinger is the author of Alibi's Ghosts which I am in the process of reading. I will upload my review and the synposis as soon as I finish it. Alibi's Ghosts is a paranormal novel which Im finding highly intriguing. Anyway enough from me. Enjoy:

Question: What inspired you to write this book?
Answer: A conversation I had with a young man and his mom about the afterlife.

Q: Do you have another job alongside writing or before you started writing?
A: I've worked a variety of jobs in the past, but now I am a full time writer.

Q: One thing I really struggle on is character names. How did you come up with yours?
A: Sometimes while writing the first draft, a name pops into my mind for one of my characters and it fits perfectly. But, most times, I search the internet for baby-name sites, then see what the name means and if it would apply to what I want my character to symbolize in the story. That also works when done in reverse to avoid stereotypical characters. For example, the clichéd Plain Jane. If a character that was anything but plain was named Jane, it would break the stereotyping and give the character depth.

Q: Why did you want a review posted on this blog in particular?
A: I read through the blog and found your reviews to be honest, down-to-earth, and also upbeat in tone and manner.

Q: How old were you when you started writing?
A: I started writing short stories and plays when I was in the fifth grade, some of which my teacher let my friends and I perform for the class. Later I had some of my short stories and essays published in literary and commercial magazines, and also the local newspaper. This is my first self-published children's e-book.

Q: Have you written any other books my readers may want to look out for?
A: I hope to self-publish two more e-books by March that I have already completed: The Pond Haunters, another middle grade paranormal mystery (still working on a cover) and Dear T.E.S.S. (title pending), a crossover genre paranormal novel about walk-ins.

Q: Are you in the process of writing another novel?
A: Yes. I've written half of a coming-of-age novel.

Q: What is your favourite book genre?
A: Paranormal

Q: Who is your favourite author and why?
A: Wow. It's difficult to pick just one. For adult books, Sharyn McCrumb because I like the way she blends her literary style with hints of the paranormal. Also, because I'm from Virginia and enjoy reading about the Appalachian Mountains where many of her books take place.
Prior to writing Alibi's Ghosts, I read over thirty R.L. Stine books, (which were quick reads to get the feel of the middle-grade readership), five Mary Downing Hahn books (because I like the way she details the scenery without it becoming overwhelming, and also how she draws the reader in with subtle hints of the terror to come) and I read seven Sharon Creech books because I enjoy her literary style and quirky likeable characters. I read many more children's books in preparation for writing my own, but those were my favorite authors in the children's genre.

Q: How did you get your book published? I self-published my e-book on Kindle.
A: What tips would you give to young aspiring writers? Write what's important to you, brings you joy, and makes you look forward to completing. In doing so, your true talent will shine through. Also, get it down on paper first before discussing the details with anyone. Too much talk about a project can take the excitement out of it before it's finished and then it becomes very easy to get writer's block when you're facing a blank page.

Q: Just to make it an even number. Why did you decide to write about this subject in particular?
A: I've always been entertained by ghost stories and decided that I'd like to try to entertain others with mine.

So that's what it's like to get in the head of an author. Are you an author? Would you like to do an interview the promote your blog? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Remember I'm still hosting guest reviews if you want to get involved. Thanks for reading.
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