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Saturday, 23 June 2012

As you may know I did a Top Ten of most annoying female characters a while ago and it had proven to be one of my most popular posts with 106 page views. So I decided that I was being a bit sexist only doing female characters so here is my top ten most annoying male characters. There will be lot's of spoilers in this post, consider yourself warned!

10. Dimitri Belikov (Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series)
Dimitri used to be a favorite of mine; tall, dark, handsome and a Russian accent. I mean what's not to love? Maybe the fact that he cheated with Rose on poor Adrian! At the beginning of the series he seemed really awesome but then he got boring, really boring. When he was Strigoi (an evil type of vamp) he actually had a much better personality but when he got turned back I think he just went soft. He worshiped Lissa for goodness sake! Also I just hate it when the guy pretends not to love the girl 'for her own good'. It never works! 

9. Gale Hawthorne- The Hunger Games
As much as I LOVED the actor who plays Gale in the movies his character just irritated me. First of all he's pining over Katniss even though he only became interested in her AFTER Peeta did and then when he finally get's his chance to be with her he leaves for another district. And he kissed Katniss knowing full well that Peeta loved her. Personally I don't think Gale did love her but that's just me.

8. Stefan Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries
He was so annoying! He was overly broody and just seemed depressed half the time. His girlfriend was cheating on him with his brother but did he care? Nope. He still referred to her as pure and perfect. He was a total pushover! But he's also really possesive and I hate that in a guy. I much prefer him in the TV show but Damon beats him every time. Damon is hot and badass and Stefan is stoic and irritating. Which would you choose?

7. Erik Night - House Of Night
Urg. Another example of a nice guy gone bad. Yes I suppose it was Zoey's fault for sleeping with her teacher when she was with him and then Erik walks in on them but it still annoys me. He is just so angry and selfish. Why do these guys like her anyway? She is horrible and doesn't seem to mind having more than three boyfriends at once. 

6. Shay Doran - Nightshade
Shay, Shay, Shay. I never liked him. He made Calla give up her pack and sexy alpha just to save his life which resulted in them all being tortured. Talk about selfish. Not only that but he's unbearably self centered. He thinks he's the center of the universe just because he's needed for something. He is also so boring! Really I was falling asleep during his parts of Wolfsbane but the moment Ren was in it it sped up considerably.

5. Nick Colt - Need
Nick began by being cute, funny and kind but it just went downhill from there. Now he's a total jerk! Zara, his girlfriend, had to become a pixie queen to save his life and she managed it but Nick hate's pixies. You would think he would let that go since he loves her right? Wrong. He was utterly evil about it. I haven't read the latest yet but my guess is that he get's worse. As much as I dislike Zara she deserves better, in the form of Astley who is Nick's opposite.

4. Simon Lewis - The Mortal Instruments
Simon started of being the sweet nerdy guy who was in love with his best friend. Since becoming a vampire though he seems to think he's the most awesome guy in the world. He's dating two girls at once and being really jerky. He is also still pining over Clary. Jace saved his life two or three times but Simon is still rants about him because he is jealous that he's with Clary. 

3. Daniel Grigori - Fallen
Daniel is SO possessive! He doesn't let Luce do anything she want's always claiming it's for her own good. Well that statement is getting old fast. Why do they always say that? He doesn't act like he loves her at all especially since he has a relationship with her even though every other time he has she has died. So he's willing to risk her life for his happiness. Personally I think he just want's her dead. I can't say I don't.

2. Jericho Barrons - Fever
Barrons is a twisted sadistic man. He constantly hurts MacKayla - making her a woman beater - and then goes on about wanting her (ew) but never actually asks her out or anything. I'm only two books in and I have no clue how everyone likes him. He is a repulsive creature. The only appeal I see is his sense of humor and that barely surfaces. 

1. Edward Cullen - Twilight
You knew my number one was going to be Princess Sparkles didn't you? I mean I do pity him, it must be hard knowing that your girl friend is more masculine than you. And I bet he would cry if the other boys and girls found out he sparkled like a discoball. I really do feel sorry for Robert Pattinson having to play him. Another thing I hate about Sparky is how stalkerish he is. He watches Bella sleep! Ever heard the Christmas song that goes 'he knows when you are sleeping... blah blah' well that is what convinced me that Meyer's inspiration for Cullen was in fact Father Christmas. It all makes sense now right?

Anyway enough Twi-Bashing, what would your top ten be? Let me know, I might have forgotten someone.
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Diantha Jones said...

This is really freaking funny. However, I HIGHLY disagree with #2. Jericho Barrens is the MAN. Loved him, even though he is a sadistic prick.

Jennifer @ A Librarians Library said...

heehee this list made me giggle! I agree with a lot of them! =) Good assessment!

Hannah said...

First of all i disagree with number 10 and certainly number 1! If someone gave you your life back, wouldn't you be grateful? OF COURSE YOU WOULD! Also Bella is not more masculine that Edward! And if other boys and girls found out that his skin refracted light, he wouldn't cry, and he isn't a stalker you might think of watching her sleep, but that is so no harm comes to her, they use to do that in Austria (i think it was before the second world war), yet that wasn't classed as stalking it was classed as romantic and one of the gestures that he truly loved that girl!

Michael Cargill said...

I don't recognise any of these characters. I am too much of a boring old fart to have read these stories.

I recently read Of Mice and Men, and found Lennie quite annoying.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so spot on with some of these! (some of them I haven't read but I am sure you are spot on with them too)
Internet high five. :)

To Michael above: Yes Lennie could be very annoying at times, but that was also to point of his character. Annoying to read all the same though!

Becky (

Will said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Emily said...

I did warn you :)

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