My Own Top 10 Of... Worst Female Characters

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hello everyone, I know I already take part in Top Ten Tuesday but I had nothing to blog so I thought I'd do my own. So this is my top ten of... Most annoying female characters. Anyone who reads my posts will have noticed I'm not keen on many female characters so this top ten is well overdue. By the way I will include spoilers in this post because I will need to rant about why I hate the characters.

10. Katniss Everdeen: I really loved Katniss all through the first and second book, she was the perfect heroine but then I got to Mockingjay. Katniss seemed broken all through it which is understandable but we lost all of the strength of the character. I wanted Katniss to get up and fight like she did in the previous books, but she didn't. Another reason I was annoyed with her was when Finnick died, who was an awesome character by the way, she hardly even mentioned him afterwards. Yes it wouldn't be good to dwell on his death but he got a few lines for goodness sake to show he was dead! Prim hardly got a mention either.

9. Zara White: She wasn't that bad but she was SO boring. She didn't do anything yet her friends all still loved her. Zara's obsessed with phobia's which I think was the only interesting thing about her. When she got nervous she would chant them, I can't see how it would help but it obviously did. Just like many YA books Need had a love triangle. She could pick Nick the jerk who hated pixies (which she is by the way) or Astley the sweet pixie king who would die before harming her (and Zara just so happened to be his queen). Who will she pick? The jerk of course, I mean who wouldn't? The final thing that really annoyed me about her was that she had a random "I'm going to save the world" mojo going on. She was totally Green peace! And recycle! She even named her car Yoko, I was like WHY?
8. Rose Hathaway: Yet another character I started off loving but then messed up, big time! Rose mourning Dimitri who had recently been turned Strigoi (Bad monster vamp) decided to go out looking for her true love to, well, stake him. Adrian being the gentleman he is funded Rose's trip not knowing what she was doing. All he knew was she needed his help and he gave it to her. The only condition was Rose was to give Adrian a chance when she returned. So off she went to clear out Adrian's bank account and she finds Dimitri's family and tells them he's a Strigoi. Then sets off to hunt the man himself, Rose being Rose finds him but then hesitates staking him so he gets her instead and kidnaps her. While all this is happening the person she's supposed to be protecting, Lissa, is alone and under the spell of the evil Avery. Rose eventually returns and Adrian's covered in bruises from defending Lissa who she was supposed to be defending and Rose decides to date him even though she's in love with Dimitri. No that's not it, Dimitri becomes Dhampir again but then rejects Rose by saying 'Love fades, mine has' (harsh right?) and Adrian thinks Rose loves him. She then convinces Dimitri he still loves her and cheats on Adrian with him. She then kisses Dimitri right in front of Adrian who she seems to have forgotten about and he's heartbroken. Everyone else however forgive her and Adrian's depressed all through Bloodlines. You see why she's on my list?

7. Jessamine Lovelace: Although I love the TID series and most of the characters there is one character I can't stand. Jessamine Lovelace, the name says it all! Jessamine is a shadow hunter who wants nothing more that to marry a -rich- human and go and live off their money. She's your typical gold-digger. Jessamine decides she's in love with Tessa's brother Nate who turns out to be evil and then sneaks off to meet him. She betrays all of the shadowhunters secrets to him and even marries him. One day Jessamine is sneaking out to meet him but Sophie notices and knows she cannot go so what does she do? Knocks her out with a mirror and ties her to her bed. GO SOPHIE! Then everyone finds out she was having a secret affair and she's sent to the prisons. I'd pity her if she wasn't so annoying.

6. Nora Grey: Another boring character! Nora really annoyed me for many reasons. The first was she thought Patch was trying to kill her (which he was but sadly decided against it) but she still ended up alone with him many times, even calling him when she was in trouble. I mean someone tries to kill you so you call the person you think is also trying to kill you. What a great idea! Also she thinks she hears patch talking straight into her mind, which he is, but most people would think they imagined it. Not Nora, no she asks patch how he did it! I mean if someone asked me that I would just be thinking 'back away slowly, she'll go away if I ignore her'. And at the end of the book she knows Patch was trying to kill her and then dates him. Yes I love Patch but who would date their attempted murderer? I may date HER attempted murderer, we'd have common interests!

5. Luce Price: I've noticed these books are very repetitive. Another love triangle, Luce can have Cam the hot guy who really likes her OR Daniel the guy who avoids her, flips her off and well doesn't like her. Does she get the message? NO! Luce decides to stalk Daniel from following him around to looking in his confidential file. So she's obsessing over Daniel to the point of wondering what his shoe size is and the she see's him drawing and is shallow enough to ask if he's drawing her! Near the end of the book the roles of Cam and Daniel reverse. They're both fallen angels only Cam's evil and Daniels good. I still much prefer Cam though. Daniel then becomes sickly sweet but also really controlling it's so annoying and Luce blindly goes along with everything he says. She has no mind of her own. Oh and did I mention she killed her last boyfriend? I'm still confused how everyone decided it wasn't her fault. I do love the cover though!

4. Elena Gilbert: Selfish, spoiled, shallow. Need I go on? Elena gilbert is your typical blond queen bee. She cannot understand why Stefan doesn't like her even when she's literally throwing herself at him. And to top it all off Elena is made out to be so good and pure. So pure in fact she came back from th dead as an angel type thing. She could fly! I'm fine with vampires, were's even faeries but I put my foot down at flying, it seems so ridiculous. Anyway Elena is so 'pure' that she cheats on one brother with the other and neither are bothered by it. I got so annoyed! Get this in your head people, she's not good or pure she's an evil psychopath who always puts herself in danger to see who will save her and sadly they always do. Why couldn't they have left her dead? Life would be so much simpler. I really like her character in the TV series though! (By the way what is it with vamp's and apples?).

3. Calla Tor: What to say about Calla? I love her name but I hate her! She really is so annoying, at first I pitied her because she was being forced into marriage with Ren blah blah. Well I love Ren and I hate how Calla just abandoned him and the rest of her pack. I mean I know she was saving Shane but he could have escaped on his own. But no she went with him while her pack was tortured because of her. An Ansel was so broken after what they did to him, I haven't read Bloodrose yet but all the reviews I have seen can kind be summed up with: NO!!! So I may leave it a bit. There are so many other reasons I hate Calla but they would take all day to write so for now I will just say Calla = anger and I'm not an angry person.

2. Bella Swan: Probably the worlds most annoying female character but strangely enough not mine. I admit when I read Twilight I loved it but I never liked Bella. I don't understand how she didn't freak out when she woke up to find Edward watching her sleep. I mean Sparkly-Stalker alert. Also as for the teams team Edward or Jacob? Neither I'm team Tyler, you know the guy who nearly killed Bella with his van. Why did Edward have to get in the way? I'm sure Edward and Jacob would be happier without her! She was always so depressed as well, even when she was supposed to be 'madly in love'. Nope I'm not buying it. And she always complains about the weather, everyone does, we don't need to hear about how 'rain sucks' every 5 pages. Bella is also much to dependent on Edward I mean she should have had a life outside of him but obviously not. Too weak a character! (See what I mean about apples?)

So my most annoying character of all time is...


1. Zoey Redbird: HATE HER, HATE HER, HATE HER! She is by far the worst character I've come across!  So many reasons. This is why: she was dating Heath, she was marked, she didn't break up with Heath, she got with Erik, she began to drink Heath's blood so he became well obsessed with her, began to have an affair with a teacher, Erik walks in on them, he then turns into a Jerk, teacher is killed, Zoey finds out he was using her, still with Heath who doesn't seem to mind she was dating three guys at once, along comes Stark, Stark dies comes back etc. they begin dating, evil bird guy called Kalona decides he's in love with her, Kalona can somehow swap bodies with Stark (awkward), Heath dies, so Zoey's only dating Stark -and kinda Kalona but she doesn't know- wait Heath is given the option to come back but as someone else... I'm sorry that's as far as I've got. So who hates Zoey? ME! All that aside the other thing that really irritates me about her is the way she speaks; 'brown pop' call it Coke! One more thing putting SUPER in front of everything does not work. Not everything is 'super awesome', its just not! For some reason I cannot stop reading these books no matter how bad they are. I'm reading the latest at the moment so prepare for a review that is mostly a rant. Because it will be! So well done Zoey your highly deserving of the title "Most annoying character of all time".

So do you agree with my choices? Who is your worst female character of all time? Tell me, I may have to add them to my list. Can you beat Zoey? Who do you love to hate? Or maybe just hate. By the way I'm sorry if this list offends anyone but they are just my opinions. I love most of the actual books, just not the characters. That list was actually a very good destresser, how I love to rant!
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Michael Cargill said...

This is impressive stuff. I feel slightly nervous about commenting in case I inadvertently incur your wrath.

The first few on the list was clearly just so-so dislike but then in the final five the hatred really started to mount. Then you just exploded and nearly took the Blogspot servers out entirely.

Emily said...

Haha I'm sorry blogspot!

Hannah said...

I totaly disagree about Bella Swan being an annoying character. Also it isnt his fault that his skin sparkles, he didnt chose to become a vampire, Carslisle made him one. And he watches her sleep to protect her, as he finds her blood so appealing and other vampires find her blood mouthwatering (e.g. Laurent and James. And with Edward saving her, if you had the power would you save your soul mate? I certainly would! Also neither Edward or Jacob would be happy without her as Edward is her soul mate and Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, (which proves that neither would be happy without her) When she was "madly in love", you said she was depressed, well when people are in love, people act in different ways as both bella and edward are more serious than say sam and emily, as well as this Bella is alot more happier when she marries Edward. Also Bella is not too dependant on Edward, as Bella means the world to Edward and Edward is all Bella really wants so if she is incandescently happy with Edward, and she needs Edward. Also as her parents split up when she was little, she would not have had the most stable childhood as having 1 parent can really change how you grow up. Also i my opinion she is not weak as she has had to help Renee alot emotionally, which could of resulted in Bella having to mature alot faster than an average person so she would be more serious. With Bella always complaining about the weather, well who doesnt complain about the weather??? Finally for the teams, well for looks i am Team Jacob everytime, but with personality and romance i would have to say Team Edward (i find that going out with you best friends is really awkward),i personally prefer a guy that is more of a gentleman and really cares about my feelings, and i mean alot to him, and actually say "i love you" to my face, instead over the internet as if the person says it to you face they actually mean it and they are not just saying that because you are in a relationship with them. As well as this i think looks and height are not that important, but if the guy you are in a relationship with is rather handsome but shorter then you, then so be it, because after all in a relationship it is not about how you look, but you feelings toward one another. And can i just say before anyone says that the guy that i have just described is not likely to exist, well he does and just do happens to be my boyfriend (I love you Tom). So after reading this i hope some people (Emily) does not think that Bella Swan is a pathetic character, and i suppose at the end of the day she is just a figament of Stephenie Meyer's imagination.

Emily said...

Sorry for offending you Hannah but I did put at the bottom it's just my oppinion :0

Hannah said...

I know its your opinion, but there is no harm in adding my own.

Emily said...


Miri said...

I have to say that I didn't read all the books you are talking about, but I can agree with you on the ones I read, too.

First - there's Katniss Everdeen. Like you, I loved her in the first and the second book, because she was strong and independent. But with the third I know what you mean, too. Of course it's not like all these things could have been done to her without any consequences on her character and on what she does, but she seemed a lot weaker to me than before. Nevertheless I think she wouldn't be on my top 10 list of annoying female characters though ;)

But I totally agree with you on Bella Swan. Honestly. I love books with strong female characters, such as Hermione Granger or Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter. (I know, comparing these two series is not the best idea, but these were just the first two examples in my mind.) Bella is just too weak and too much in love. And it's not cool for so many teenage girls to see her as their role model. Love is a great thing and you should to a lot for it - just not forget about yourself and do ANYTHING. That's at least my opinion.

On a different note, there is something on my blog for you. If you want, you can take a look at it over here.

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Mel C-J said...

Ha ha! Loved this - some of them I can completely agree with - although I'd have some others in my top ten... It's nice cos it's just for fun :)

Mel x

Emily said...

@ Miri: suprisingly I havent read Harry Potter but I get what you mean. Oh and thankyou so much for the award!

@ Mel: It is fun! I just love to rant about characters

Natasha Zaleski said...

I so agree with Zoey being your most hated character. I hated Marked! I agree with the other choices (at least for the books I have read). Why do YA authors have women going for the men that can't stand them and/or try to kill them? Why can't they get the hint? Why can't the men just kidnap them and kill them and be done with it?

Sarah said...

I have to 100% agree with you on Zoey. Hate her character, she's just awful. She's actually the primary reason I stopped reading that series at book five.

I disagree on some of the others though. Katniss, Rose, and Bella mostly. I know a lot of people think Bella is annoying, but I really liked her in the book. I didn't like her in the movie though, definitely annoying there.

♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books

Emily said...

If they got the hint we would have no characters to hate and a good book always has characters you can't stand, marked is the exception to that rule, they killed off the one character I liked so i'm annoyed at the series but I still keep reading

Emily said...

I quite liked the HON book 1 but you were wise to stop at 5, they get worse and worse. I'm on book 9

Shmandarin said...

I agree with all of this post!!! I feel like we would be good friends in real life. ooh slutty, I mean zoey lol....oh gosh. and calla makes me scream in anger. If I may, I would like to add faythe from the shifters series, as well as Dru from strange angels! lol. I have a similar rant about love triangles on my blog

Unknown said...

I love your honesty in writing about these characters. This was a great post, and I enjoyed reading it.

Belle of Mountains said...

Bella Swan! Could *not* stand Bella Swan at all. She's probably my #1. There are surely others...and that Kelsey girl from Tiger's Curse...couldn't stand her either.

Zakiya LadyWings said...

This post made me laugh SO hard. I am officially pissed at Rose (haven't read Last Sacrifice yet, but I would've been pissed anyway), and I completely agree with Bella and Zoey.

ShadyLane said...

Obviously you've never read beautiful disaster by Jamie McGuire. Abby would have made top 3 easily! but i totally agree with you with some of choices. especially elena from vampire diaries, reading the books i started to like her in the second book and the third but after that it was all downhill.

Nitzan Schwarz said...

I don't know most of those, but I completely agree about Zara and I laughed while reading about Bella. I think I'm gonna stalk you now :)

Ihavenofilteratall said...

You rock!

Unknown said...

Totally agree with ShadyLane!!!!! But then Elena, Bella, Rose and Zoey (YUK!!!) are also on my bitch slap list!!!!!!!!! . . . .

S.L. Bartlett said...

I hate colourless, cookie cutter characters. Kathleen Woodiwiss(sp?) was bad for that. All her characters, both female and male, had nothing interesting in their personalities.
Nice article. Really enjoyed it.

fitfabulous&fifty said...

A very impressive list. I really enjoyed reading your insightful comments, it was most enlightening and after reading all but one of the above mentioned books, I did smirk rather broadly on several occasions! :D

Great blog ~ I'm a new follower!

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with the Bella Swan comments. No idea why she has two men fighting over her for four books. Also completely agree about Katniss. She was likeable at first and then it got to the third book and she just turned into a bit of a vigilante. I was actually quite glad when I got to the end of book three so that I didn't have to put up with her any longer. It was a shame as I really enjoyed book one.

Unknown said...

(Before i start: My English is not the best, but i hope you understand it anyway.)
I only read 10,8, 2 and 1, ans i totally agree with you.
10- I always liked Kaniss and i always will, even through Mockingjay, because she tried (at least). But even if i like her, i can see your point and agree with you.

8- I only read the first Book, but Rose annoyed the hell out of me. She was vain, egoistic and hypocrite. She always judged the people by her looks and told lies to tear Lissa and Christian apart. And one night she is making out with one guy (i think his name was Jesse zeklos) because he's hot and the next day she is 'oh-so' in love with Dimitri? She also always said/thought how hot she was. Also seeing smoking and drinking as cool...Gosh.

2- Bella...i always hated her. Now, i don’t like the books either, but I did when I was younger.
She was so terrible. Thinking she’s ugly but having 3 boys swooning over her. Yeah, sure.
She and Edward were 1 year or so together when he left her and what did she? Crying for MONTHS and almost killing herself, because she “saw” him when she was in danger. She didn’t even care for her friends and family. Really...Buffy loved Angel too, but she still fought against him and killed him to save the world. She lost her mother, died (twice!), was turn out of heaven und betrayed by her friends. But she always got back on her feeds and continues fighting.
And Edward, well the whole sparkling thing is not my cub of tea, but Meyer at least tried to explain it, so ...whatever. What really bothered me is this whole stalking thing.
@ Hannah YES, watching her sleeping is NOT protecting. It’s stalking and not romantic in any way! It’s terrifying and a slap in the face of women, who suffer from stalking in RL.
And wouldn’t Alice saw it, if something were going to happened? And Edward could also watched her house from the distance(It is not better but...just saying).
The Edward/Bella relationship is also rather unhealthy.
If one would have dies, the other would have committed suicide? After knowing each other for one-two years? Breaking into her house? Following her? Get in danger to hear his voice? Seeing in each other the only reason to live?
Really, for me this is more obsession than love. By the way, i can’t even see a good reason why they are in love.
Okay. my rant is over now.

1- I followed HoN till book 4but Zoey really deserves to be Nr.1.
Having 3 boyfriends and calling Aphrodite bitch or slut. Getting all super powers, being stupid like a brick. Yeah, not good material for a good heroine.

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