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Monday, 23 July 2012

STSmall_thumb[2]Stacking the shelves is hosted over at Tynga's Reviews. I have now no shelf space so I am literally stacking books on top of books... I need more shelves! I haven't done one of these for a while so I'm catching up.
Warning this is a big one! 


The first five books in the Shifters series, all five for £3. Bargain right? I couldn't resist! Plus they looked so sad in the charity shop!

And in the same charity shop? The first four books in the Blue Bloods series for only £2. Have I mentioned how much I love rescuing books from charity shops?

Bet you can't guess where I got these... No not the same charity shop but a charity shop non the less. I really am lucky. These were more expensive though at around £10 for them all.

I've seen this everywhere lately but, silly me, I was thinking it was a guyish book. The cover is two faces but I didn't spot that at first and it just looked like a guy book. Once you see it you can't un-see it though. Courtesy of yet another charity shop.

Hallelujah! This one was bought in an actual bookshop! Still cheap at a fiver though. I'm such a cheapskate! I pity the author though, I can't say his last name without swearing. Is it impossible? Could always say Fookuda...
On another shopping spree I picked up these lovely's from yet another charity shops...

And this one which I am very eager to read and not just because it's on the banned books list!
All the hype around this book made me pick it up - yes in a charity shop. I'm not sure I will like it but it's worth a try right?

In an effort to redeem myself here's some books that I actually paid full price for!

These were cheap too but don't judge, they were from a book shop!

Believe it or not I really do love historical fiction, mostly Tudor fiction and my absolute favorite author for it is Philippa Gregory. 

Yes, yes I know what your thinking. "You've already read The Hunger Games". I am aware of that fact but I didn't own the physical books so as sad as I am I got them. On the bright side they were only £7 for all three!

Last but by no means least is a book that I think is the most exciting...

Ooo look what I have here! Fans will recognize this as the final book in the Chemical Gardens trilogy and the lucky girl I am I managed to win a signed ARC from the author, seven months before actual release. I'm evil flaunting it on here but I couldn't resist! Too add to my evilness:

View photo.JPG in slide show
Sorry for the rubbish picture but eeek I was so happy when this arrived.
Okay I've finished boasting, for now anyway! If there's a record for the longest STS post I think I may have it in the bag! 32 books wow a lot to say I've only read 3 this month. I will have to get back at it!!
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3 People dared to comment.:

Isabelle said...

You know, I own the Hunger Games series, but I think I want to rebuy them with those covers you showed. The American cover for Mockingjay is so ugly that I got the UK version, haha. But I love the new editions! They're so uniform and Mockingjay is much prettier.

And I can't believe you won Sever! :-O Congrats, that must have been very hard to snag!

Michael Cargill said...

Dear Emily

You are a mad 'un.

Love from Cargill xxx

Anonymous said...

So many awesome books :)

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