Underneath By Michael Cargill (Review And Giveaway)

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cover Rating: 3/5 Stars
Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars
Synopsis: Look at the person sitting just across from you. 
It doesn't matter whether they’re a loved one, a friend, or a complete stranger. 
Now look at their face. 
Are they happy? Are they sad? Or are they angry? 
Can you even tell? 
How well do you actually know the people closest to you? 
Have you ever seen the real person that lies just underneath what you see…?

A copy of Underneath was kindly given to me by the author, Michael Cargill, in exchange for an honest review. Underneath was a short book but the story suited that. It is about seeing the side of a person that they keep hidden, we all do it but hopefully not as much as the main character Hugh. He can appear nice and pleasant but underneath he's a raving madman - to put it nicely. The whole story revolves around a number of characters whose stories all interrelate at some point. It was really interesting to see just how they would connect and why.

The characters were all really different and very developed. Hugh, as I said before, was crazy. He was a disturbing fellow who I would have hoped to never meet. He was like one of those psychopaths you hear about that can hide their disturbed characters so well that when they finally crack and do something horrible everyone claims they were a really nice person - they are the scary ones. There were two other main characters, Clare and Robert. These two were a lot more likable! Clare was a strong independent women who didn't need a man to lean on and Robert was just hilarious though you saw throughout the book just how strong his morels were and how he reacted when someone was going against them. I also loved Clare and Robert's relationship, they were so alike yet so different.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and my only negative is that I want another book - and that's not even a negative. I would love to see how Clare, Robert and even Hugh got on after this book ended. I've only read one of Michael's books before and it was so completely different to this one that I can't even attempt to compare them. All I can say is that I really like his writing style and I will be looking for future releases from him. I would recommend this to people who like suspenseful, layered novels.

My Favorite Quote:
 “Earth to Robert, earth to Robert, are you there?”
“Sorry, I was just thinking of steak and kidney pie,” he said with a grin.
“No, seriously, I was. Why would anyone want kidney in a pie? Why not double steak
instead? It would be much better.”
“It’s not really something I've thought about to be honest.”
“I used to get force-fed it as a kid. I dreaded going round my Nan’s house, as it was all
she ever seemed to bloody cook. In fact I think she even brought one round to our house at
Christmas one year,” he replied, scrunching his nose up."

Think it looks good? Want it now? You're in luck! Michael Cargill has kindly supplied some copies for a giveaway. Enter below and if you win I will send you a Smashwords coupon. 

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Michael Cargill said...

Yes! I have been waiting for your review for yonks. Yes, the book has only been out for a couple of weeks, but it's still yonks.

I was actually very interested to see what you thought of Clare.

Anyway. Thanks for the review, and good luck to anyone who enters the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this actually sounds like a great book and I'm definitely entering the giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win :)

Oh and my birthday is September 20th ;)

Denice Mae Cordero said...

It's on May 6...

Thank you for this!!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you for an apsolutely fantastic book giveaway, that i would love to have the oportunity of reading & reviewing! I loved 'shades of grey' by Micheal and would love to be able to read more of his work. Thank you x
(Birthday is july 19th: soon!)

Email: lfountain1(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

Nicole Marie said...

May 27th
Thanks for the giveaway!

wni said...

June 20th! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Anonymous said...

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