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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Look what we have here! We all know how obsessed I am with covers and you must know the horrible moment when you realize the stunning cover you've been admiring for months is in fact another countries cover. I know I've been shocked when I receive my Amazon order and the book is ugly when I was expecting pretty. This feature will compare book covers from different countries as well as remakes and you can vote for your favorites. As I'm currently reading Starcrossed we can start with that!

Starcrossed (Starcrossed, #1)  Starcrossed  Göttlich verdammt
  USA                            UK                          German
Predestinados (El despertar, #1)  Helena (Starcrossed, #1)  Χαμένοι θεοί
Spanish                     Swedish                     Greek

I really do NOT like the German or Spanish ones at all. They kinda freak me out. The Greek one is quite bland in my opinion though I do like the girl's eyes/ The UK one is the one I have and I can't say I'm that keen, it's pretty but not all that nice. I love the USA one and the Swedish one. I love how the girls dress is being swept away by the wind (because I do love the wind! I don't understand why the girl is near the sea though since she hates it. The Swedish one is really pretty and the girls hair is windswept again, I love the gold too. Overall I'd say the winner for me is the Swedish cover!

I asked my friend Beka to give her opinion too and this is what she thought:

I'm going to start off by agreeing with Emily :) that the Spanish cover is a obvious loser (no offence); it's fairly plain and boring and doesn't capture your attention. On the other hand my first disagreement with Emily will be about the German cover which I actually really like. The first thing I noticed is the unusual font which intrigued me. I also like the girls face as it is simple but striking. The little gold detail around the edges is the cherry on the cake for me. The UK cover, I must say, isn't one of the best but it definitely does it's job as it was this cover that grabbed my attention in a shop and introduced me to, what is now, one of my favourite books! It also gets brownie points for being the only cover to include Lucas (main male character) which is pretty much the joint main storyline; so fairly important! Both the Greek and USA covers do noting for me: I find the Greek to washed out and a bit depressing due to the girls expression and USA is quite pretty but it irritates me as it has nothing to do with the actually story, never does she wear a beautiful, long flowing dress and stand on a cliff impersonating the titanic! Now one I most definitely agree with Emily is that the Swedish cover is "'really pretty', I love the gold stars surrounding her and the girl is actually doing something other than titanic or staring depressingly at you so 10 points for originality. Over all I think that there is a joint winner between German and Swedish!

What do YOU think?

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2 People dared to comment.:

Anonymous said...

The swedish one reminds me of an album cover or something, though pretty! I love the German and UK America we have a lot of girls in floaty prom dresses these days. Most YA books are jumping on that train right now. Pretty, but they never have much to do with the story.

Michael Cargill said...

The Swedes are awesome at everything, including speaking English.

So they get my vote.

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