Top Ten Book Bloggers to Watch (Part Two: 6-10)

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Two weeks ago I asked you guys to put forward blogs you thought deserved to be in my top ten bloggers to watch list, be they yours or others, and you certainly complied! I have put together a list of my top ten but if you are not included, don’t worry, there were a lot of others to contend with. I will be tweeting endorsements of the blogs I don’t include (@EmilyBookaholic) so watch out for yours! This list is in no particular order, sorry number one but you’re equal to number ten but you can pretend to be extra special if you like. I posted the first five last week, here are numbers 6-10!

6. Book Mouse

This is one of my favorite book blogs on the internet and that's not only because it is adorably named after a cute furry creature! I really enjoyed reading the reviews, even if I didn't agree with the four star review of Wuthering Height, I would have barely given it one star! I really loved the latest post on getting children to read, I'd really recommend you check it out!

7. Forever Obsession

Forever Obsession is a book blog with a really great design, it's simple but still attractive. A very positive point in Forever Obsession's favour is the 5 star review of Mortal Heart, book three in Robin LaFever's His Fair Assassin series which is AMAZING by the way. I hope to review book two and three soon but for now here is my review of book one: Grave Mercy.

8.  Leaf on the Breeze

Leaf on the Breeze is an unusual book blog run by Killian who you might recognise from his perceptive comments here at Confessions of a Bookaholic! Why is this blog unusual you ask? Because it integrates both books and music into reviews which I personally find impressive. I recently read and enjoyed the post shown in the screenshot above.

9.  Daniela Ark's Blog

This is a blog that I really love and am glad to have discovered through this blogger scheme. Daniela's blog caters not only to readers, with numerous reviews and giveaways, but also authors, with tips, tools and competitions, and bloggers. Obviously this is a very diverse blog and I really enjoyed visiting the different corners of it. I loved her post on how to write a book review, I plan on writing a book on a similar theme in the future!

10. Bookworms in Dresses 

Bookworms in Dresses is run by a blogging trio and though it is not strictly a review blog, though it does have some, it still has a focus on books and mixes that with fashion which I like. I love their posts on Bookworm's style - it's really good to get an idea about my fellow bookaholics fashion sense!

Couldn't find your blog on my list? If you I haven't featured you then I will still publicise for you in the twitterverse as I promised. For now, please share, repost and tell your friends about my blogger spotlight, it's always great to help out our fellow bloggers after all!

If you have been featured today I recommend sharing my post on your own blog to show your followers that you've been chosen as well as letting them know about the others who were picked - you can take the whole post if you like, just make sure to link back and credit it to me.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for including me on this list! I'm still only small and new, so this does mean a lot to me is a huge compliment! You also described my blog as unusual, which is a win in my books! I've checked out all the other blogs too and I think I'll comment on a few of them tomorrow (it's fairly late now). Anyway, thanks so much!

Let's Take A Shelfie said...

Great list! I've been looking around for some new book blogs to read and follow. This just saved me a lot of time. Cheers!

Daniela Ark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daniela Ark said...

Emily thank you for putting this list together and for featuring my blog! This information is really helpful to connect with other bloggers. You know I'm in your Goodreads group and I have to say you are great at connecting people!

Orie already visited me and I visited her blog:)

I'll be visiting all the bloggers in your list and will include your article in my next "Around the Blogosphere" post which I will publishing shortly so other readers benefit from it as well. Looking forward to part II :)

Emily said...

I'm glad you all found it useful - I hoped it could be used as a way to merge the book blogging community!

SoulsticeX3 said...

Thanks so much for including me on the list! And yes, Mortal Heart is AMAZING :)


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