Sunday Spotlight: Carys Jones, Author of Dare to Dream

Sunday, 26 April 2015

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Today’s author is Carys Jones, author of the new YA release Dare to Dream! She has written a guest post for you all to enjoy – although it is not bookish it does discuss some book-to-tv adaptations among other things which is always interesting!

About Carys: 

Carys Jones loves nothing more than to write and create stories which ignite the reader's imagination. Based in Shropshire, England, Carys lives with her husband, two guinea pigs and her adored canine companion Rollo. When she's not writing, Carys likes to indulge her inner geek by watching science- fiction films or playing video games. She lists John Green, Jodi Picoult and Virginia Andrews as her favourite authors and draws inspiration for her own work from anything and everything.
To Carys, there is no greater feeling then when you lose yourself in a great story and it is that feeling of ultimate escapism which she tries to bring to her books.

Visit Carys’ Website | Twitter | Goodreads

Guest Post: My Favourite TV Shows

I’m lucky enough to be able to work from home full time as a writer. Yes, this does mean that sometimes I sit about in a onesie all day and don’t leave the house. No, I don’t watch TV all day I do actually do (some) work. Saying that, I like to treat myself in the middle of the day to a break watching one of my favourite shows! I can be quite a fan girl about shows I like so allow me to share with you some of the ones I’m currently gushing about;

The Vampire Diaries
I LOVE TVD! I’m unfashionably behind and have only just finished season 5. I did cry. A lot. Some were tears of joy because I’ve been gunning for Alaric to return for AGES! I am most definitely team Damon. I absolutely adore him; he’s the bad guy with the heart of gold and I can’t get enough of him! He’s back in season 6 right? Right?!

American Horror Story Coven
I watched American Horror Story Coven over Christmas and was just blown away by it. It was by far my favourite of the AHS shows so far. I've never been a huge fan of witches when they've appeared in other shows like True Blood and The Originals. I felt like Coven was the first time I actually thought witches were cool and would flirt with wanting to be one! It was also refreshing to see a show crammed full of strong, empowering women. I loved it and recommend it to anyone (so long as you aren't squeamish…)

Grey’s Anatomy
If only doctors in real life were as handsome as they are in Grey’s Anatomy! My life would be a lot more fun! : ) I've loved Grey’s Anatomy for years and feel sad to think back to a time when it wasn't in my life. For me, there is always just the right amount of drama and angst weighed against the interesting medical issues being dealt with. I hope the series never ends though sadly I fear that one day it probably will as nothing lasts forever. Though Grey’s could be the exception, don’t you think??

Pretty Little Liars
I got into this show thanks to Netflix when I was searching for something new to watch. As with most of the shows I watch, I’m behind as I don’t watch them on TV. I’m almost at the end of season 4 so no spoilers about season 5 please! The show frustrates me as much as it excites me. Who the hell is A and are we ever going to find out?! Probably not but that’s half the fun! I spend most of the time coveting all the fabulous clothes the girls in it wear. And if you wondered who I identify with most in the show it would probably be Aria as I've secretly always wished I was brave enough to dye my hair pink…

Again, this was another Netflix discovery but oh my, am I glad we met! Reign is thrilling, exciting and full of sumptuous ball gowns which make me wish I wasn't actually locked in the house writing all day so that I could have an excuse to get all dressed up! I’m still deciding between Bash and Francis but leaning towards Bash as he’s the forbidden brother which makes him all the more alluring…

So…yeah, like I said, I’m mostly writing when I’m at home all day. Mostly… *coughs nervously*

About Dare to Dream:

"The world was going to end. Of that, Maggie Trafford was certain."

Fourteen-year-old Maggie Trafford leads a normal life. Well, as normal as being crammed in a three-bedroom house with four siblings and a single parent can be, anyway. But despite being somewhat ignored at home, Maggie excels, earning top grades, a best friend who would do anything for her, and stolen looks from a boy in Maths. 

It’s not until the dreams start that Maggie realizes “normal” is the least of her problems. Every night, she lives the same nightmare—red lightning, shattered glass, destruction. But nightmares are just that, right? No one believes her when she says it’s an omen. At least, not until the already mysterious pillars of Stonehenge start falling. 

No longer alone in her fear, Maggie and the world watch with bated breath as one after another, the historic stones tumble, like a clock counting down. But only Maggie knows what it means: when the last stone falls, destruction will reign. And when the world ends, there’s only one option left—survive.

Horrifying and raw, Dare to Dream is equal parts tragedy and hope, detailing the aftermath of apocalyptic catastrophe, the quest for survival, and the importance of belief.

Check out Dare to Dream on Goodreads | Amazon | Book Depository

Carys has also kindly agreed to a giveaway of two copies of her novel Dare to Dream, how exciting! Enter below to be in for a chance of winning her amazing novel.

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