Wow it's been a year and a half!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Hey guys! If there are any of you left around here...
I know I've been neglecting you for over a year and I couldn't be more sorry but when other life events take over what can you do? Life is slightly less hectic right now so I am RELAUNCHING!
However, there are going to be a few small changes. Firstly, it is probable that there will be less Young Adult book reviews and more classics reviews/essays but there is a good reason for this. My English Literature course requires lots and lots of outside reading and sadly the Young Adult genre doesn't qualify. Shocking I know!! So to keep active I will be posting some of the essays I do as well as a couple of reviews on the books I'm required to read. This way I'm making required reading much more fun! I'm not abandoning my YA fans, there will still be plenty for you!
I really hope you can all forgive me for abandoning you for so long!
And authors out there, now I have more time I'm accepting review requests again if you still want me.
Email me:

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Anonymous said...

The prodigal son returns!

Talking of classics, I made a start on War and Peace the other week. I made it to be about 12% of the way through before giving up in boredom.

Seeing as you mentioned being open for reviews, I may as well get the first bit of spamming in...!

I've published three or four books since you disappeared and you're more than welcome to take a look at one/some/all if you like. I'm all grown up and even have paperback copies of them to send out!

Emily said...

Wow! I'd love to take a look, I distinctly remember loving your writing style - feel free to email me with more details!

William Rusho said...

Time flies by before you realize it.
I might take you up on the offer for a review.

Clay R. Haase said...

Impressive how fast time goes by, right?

I'll be at the one year mark for my blog soon (a daunting thought, really)

Charline Ratcliff said...

You know what they say...
Time flies like the wind - fruit flies like bananas.
Welcome back! ;)

maggie adams said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Hey Emily! Good to see you back :) It's been AGES!

I completely lost control of the Goodreads group, we've both been absent landlords there

Mel x

CharliDenae said...

Welcome back! Glad things have calmed down some. I'm looking forward to your posts!

B B Shepherd said...

Hi! Visiting from your group on Goodreads. Having survived university as a mature adult, all I can say is, Hang in there! I'd actually be really interested in your reviews of classics as I love reading classics too. :)

Emily said...

Oh I'm always glad to find others enjoy them too!

Emily said...

It's true, it got a bit manic but hopefully my changes yesterday have calmed it down now :)

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