Sunday Spotlight: Gina Dickerson, author of the Mortiswood Tales

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sunday Spotlight is a weekly scheme I am running to bring publicity to lesser known authors who, in the book blogging community, it is important to support. If you are an author and you wish to be considered for it please email me at emily.confessionsofa with 'Author Spotlight' in the subject line.

Today's author joining us at Confessions of a Bookaholic is Gina Dickerson, author of the Mortiswood Tales. She has kindly agreed to a guest post and a generous giveaway, look for both below!


Gina Dickerson lives by the Thanet coast on the north-eastern tip of Kent, in the UK, with her family and playful Siberian husky. She is a full-time author and writes romantic suspense with a twist, horror, and fantasy because her characters refuse to play nice and wind up with more than a few bone-rattling skeletons in their closets.

She is the author of the magical fairy tale, The Penning Christmas Curse published by Limitless Publishing, the murderous romantic suspense novel Unveiling Christmas, the twisted short story collection, Underleaf, as well as the fantasy, adventurous romance series, Mortiswood Tales. She has also written fashion and shopping columns for a local newspaper. Her latest release is the second book in the Mortiswood Tales series.

The latest Mortiswood Tales Book:

With the promise of power comes the threat of the ultimate sacrifice...

Losing those she loves and learning she’s The Chosen One catapulted Kaelia’s life into the fast lane. Having battled Dybbuk demons, discovered an unexpected ally in the form of a Vallesm, and ventured through Niflheim, her adventure is far from over.

Determined to fulfil her destiny as the one who will destroy The Salloki, Kaelia still has many obstacles to overcome. As secrets rise to the surface and Kaelia’s powers continue to evolve, she is not the only one fighting a battle...

Can Calix find a Rosealrium bloom in time to stop Cadence’s transformation? What exactly is the truth behind Bran’s connection to the goddess Hel? And will Kaelia finally uncover what happened to her mother?

One thing is certain, Kaelia is not the only one who is evolving...

Where it all began:

The story began in the first book of the Mortiswood Tales series, Mortiswood: Kaelia Awakening

A little about the inspiration behind the Mortiswood Tales series:

Margate Harbour and Stone Pier 
I wanted the Mortiswood Tales books to have their roots in my hometown even though the series is fantasy. So, the setting is part in Thanet, part set in a magical wood (Mortiswood!), as well as crossovers into realms of Norse myth. Here is one of the real life places which feature in Mortiswood:

The Stone Pier is a significant feature in the Mortiswood Tales series. It was originally built between 1810 - 1815, and parts have had to be rebuilt over the years due to storm damage, and bomb damage in WWII. The coloured doors are home to a variety of cafes, artists’ workspaces, and even an art gallery. It overlooks the vibrant Old Town, Turner Contemporary art gallery, and the main Margate sands and I just adore this seascape.

As for the creatures within Mortiswood I have to admit that the Vallesm was heavily influenced by my pet pooch. He’s a Siberian husky and having him around made it easy to visualise how the Vallesm would move. Here’s a snap of him enjoying a walk.

* * *

It's certainly always interesting to hear more about the inspiration behind novels, especially when they include such scenic settings and adorable four legged friends!
Gina has also kindly agreed to give away two sets of the first two Mortiswood Tales books in either Kindle ready or epub format. That means two of you lovely people can win the first two books in Gina's fantasy romance series. Enter below to be in with a chance!

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Yolanda Renee said...

Good luck with your series, Gina, it's sounds exciting. Love your Siberian!

N.O.A.Rawle said...

Great blog Emily & intriguing books Gina - I will be checking them out!

Lynda said...

The series sounds really good, Gina. And your boy is quite stunning...

Gina Dickerson said...

Thank you, Yolanda!

Gina Dickerson said...

Thank you so much!

Gina Dickerson said...

Thank you, Lynda!

Gina Dickerson said...

Thank you so much for hosting me, Emily!

E L Irwin said...

This sounds very intriguing and I'll have to check it out. Thanks. Take care.

Gina Dickerson said...

A belated thank you, E L Irwin!

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