Solar, Defeated By Diantha Jones

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Solar, Defeated (Mythos, #1; Oracle of Delphi, #2.5)Series: Mythos #1, Oracle of Delphi #2.5
Genre: Young Adult, Mythology 
Release Date: April 23rd 2013
Source: ARC From Author
Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars
Cover Rating: 5/5 Stars
Synopsis: From the moment Strafford Law saw Chloe Clever, he knew he was destined to love her forever. But a dishonorable past and a bleak future threaten to destroy him before he gets the chance. Looking back, he recalls his life before it came crashing down around him...a time when the one he now loathes most of all was the one he adored more than anything.

I'm not normally one for a novella but this one was different. The book centers on Strafford Law, aka the tortured soul, Demi-god we all love from the Oracle of Delphi series. The story follows him through flashbacks ranging from when he was a child to just before he met Chloe. I liked seeing him without Chloe in this because, although I like her, when she's not there the story is more focused on his relationship with his family which I loved.

As always I loved Strafford in this but Ace is still (and I suspect always will be) my favorite. And together they are one of my all time favorite siblings. Speaking of siblings, I really enjoyed seeing Strafford and Isolde's relationship. They has the perfect chemistry and Isolde was badass which is of course my favorite type of heroine. In the previous books I wasn't all that keen on Felicity but as I saw more of her, she grew on me and Teagan is adorable - plus I love her name. Solar, Defeated left me with many questions about Apollo and Isolde's relationship as well as many suspicions.

The story building in Solar, Defeated was amazing, I think I will love every book in this series no matter how high my expectations are. I absolutely cannot wait to learn more about Strafford's mysterious life (and there's always the extra of seeing more of Ace) in the books to come. This series rivals all other books in the mythology genre and it has already beaten most of the ones I've read. I would recommend this to anyone regardless of whether you normally like the genre or not.

My Favorite Quote:

"I'd seen books about some kid wizard named Potter sitting around the house and I'd spotted Felicity reading a book with someone holding an apple on the front, but I didn't see anything like those books in the library now."

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These books sound awesome! Thanks for bringing them to my attention. They sound like a MUST. :)

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