Bitter Blood By Rachel Caine

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bitter Blood (The Morganville Vampires, #13)Series: Morganville Vampires #13
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult
Release Date: October 24th 2012
Source: Bought
Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars
Cover Rating: 3.5/5 Stars
Synopsis: For years, the human and vampire residents of Morganville, Texas, have managed to co-exist in peace. But now that the threat to the vampires has been defeated, the human residents are learning that the gravest danger they face is the enemy within… Thanks to the eradication of the parasitic creatures known as the draug, the vampires of Morganville have been freed of their usual constraints. With the vampires indulging their every whim, the town’s human population is determined to hold on to their lives by taking up arms. But college student Claire Danvers isn't about to take sides, considering she has ties to both the humans and the vampires. To make matters worse, a television show comes to Morganville looking for ghosts, just as vampire and human politics collide. Now, Claire and her friends have to figure out how to keep the peace without ending up on the nightly news… or worse.

First Line: Claire Danvers was in a rare bad mood, and nearly getting arrested didn't improve it.

Every time I read one of the Morganville books I profess that it's my favorite so far (with the exception of Bite Club, which I didn't like much) and this time I think it might actually be true. Though I say that every time as well so who knows. One thing is certain though, I love this series and I will be so upset when it ends in two books time. Originally it was supposed end two books ago so maybe I still have hope. Anyway this book follows on straight from the last. The Draug are finally gone and the vampires are once again top of the food chain but this time the rules are changing in their favor. The hunting licences which Amelie had got rid of are back so vampires are allowed to kill one human that they choose with no consequences but if they go over that limit the then the consequences are... well literally non existent. The humans are in more danger than ever. To add insult to injury a ghost hunting show arrive to look for paranormal creatures and it is imperative that they don't find anything otherwise they'll get much more than they bargained for...

I love all the characters in this series and have done in every book, they just get better and better. You can tell the author is good when they make you feel for even the evil characters. Claire manages to fight vampires, keep peace and look after her friends all while going to university and for that I love her. Shane is amazing as ever; he's funny, kind and loving, what more could you want? Eve whom I have always liked is just as badass as she always is but she has a vulnerability about her which makes it so easy to relate. Michael is a very real character who has a protective aura about him which I admire though he seems to have very bad luck. Last but not least is Myrnin who (anyone who read my reviews for previous Morganville books will already know this) is my absolute favorite. He is crazy, charming and intriguing. This time around we actually got chapters from his point of view which all tore my heart out. On the plus side we had appearences from Bob the spider and the vampire bunny slippers!

As always I love Caine's writing style and the multiple point of views she uses have grown on me slightly though I don't fully love them. Her story building is phenomenal and I am sucked into every book that Miss Caine writes right away. I always want to savor them but the pace is so fast that it's impossible. I always recommend this series to anyone and everyone and I'm looking forward to her next books, as well as praying she keeps extending the series. It will never get old!

My Favorite Quotes:
I lifted one foot from the brackish water, and the bunny slippers were soaked and drooped pathetically. Even the fangs seemed robbed of any charm. 
"Don't worry," I told it. "Someone will pay for your suffering. Heavily. With screaming." 
I felt I should repeat it for the other slipper, in case there should be any bad feelings between the two. One should never create tension between ones's footwear. ~ Myrnin

“Stop being so..." 
"I'm going with arrogant.” 

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Anonymous said...

I really need to get back into these. I read the first book and enjoyed quite a bit, years ago...but never followed up. You make me want to go back and check them out! :)

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